Diamond end mill PCD two flute milling tools for Acrylic aluminum graphite

Model No. : D6*H6*D6*60L Z2
Brand Name :  PCD two flute milling tools

US $ 29.4

PCD Mill tools for camshaft,engine part

Model No. : GH2255
Brand Name : GH

PCD fine boring tools PCD cutting tools for camshaft

Model No. : gh1221
Brand Name : GH

PCD PCBN groove inserts

Model No. : GH1290
Brand Name : GH

US $ 27

PCD Diamond end mills cutting tools

Model No. : GH5677
Brand Name : GH

PCD Step End Mills

Model No. : GH6544
Brand Name : GH

PCD Dimonnd CNC Face Milling Cutter and cartridges

Model No. : GH2821
Brand Name : GH

PCD End Mills for cutting plastics, aluminum and al-alloys

Model No. : GH6654
Brand Name : GH

US $ 80

CBN Grooving inserts

Model No. : GH5567
Brand Name : GH

PCD Diamond Drill

Model No. : 2028
Brand Name : GH

Diamond Reamers PCD end mill

Model No. : GH5543
Brand Name : GH

PCD Diamond milling tools endmill cutter

Model No. : GH1134
Brand Name : GH

PCD grooving tools

Model No. : GH3334
Brand Name : GH

US $ 100