Rework service for PDC cutters,re-size for PDC cutters

Rework service for PDC cutters,re-size for PDC cutters

Model No.︰GH7786

Brand Name︰GH

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 9 / pc

Minimum Order︰50 pc

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Product Description

 Currently the surface of PCD layers of many PDC Cutters do not conduct electricity due to removed cobalt.

The processing cost and efficiency for PDC cutters are not affected by the electrical conductivity because of unique processing techniques of laser cutting, EDM, mechanical grinding and lapping adopted by GH.

        For example: The Φ1916 PDC cutters can be processed to be Φ1613 or Φ1308 PDC cutters.

Reworked size of PDC cutters is related to the damage status of PDC cutters before recycling. The reworked PDC cutters can be used on drill bits. Although the qualities of recycled PDC cutters is not as good as the  new  standard ones, they can be used on the middle and low-end bits in not very demanding conditions or be used in the none critical  positions of the high-end bits.

       Processing cost of recycling of used PDC cutters will be only 10-20% of cost of new PDC cutters. 

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